Simulation Solutions


Nowadays, simulation software is widely used in manufacturing and engineering. It can be used to analyse a wide range of physical and chemical processes, manufacturing systems, logistics, transportation networks or supply chains.Simulation software is typically based on techniques such as numerical simulation, continuous simulation, discrete event simulation or systems dynamics and usually consists of visual modelling tool to create interactively a model of a given system, a simulation tool to simulate the model, an experimentation manager to support statistically correct experimentation, or results generator to bring together experimentation results

The CloudSME project will develop a cloud-based simulation platform that enables SME end-users to get access to simulation services in a one-stop-shop solution

There are two distinct categories of end-users in CloudSME: end-users who already utilise simulation technologies, and end-users for whom simulation solutions are novel. The first category, represented by Podoactiva and CTOOLS, whose use case will continuosly reported.

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