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Join our free webinar on how Docker works on cloudSME!

11th April 2016

Containers revolutionise the way, how server applications are being installed and run. This makes deployment extremely easy and fast. As Docker, which is the probably most famous and so far the best container solution, was...

Software onboarding made easy on the cloudSME platform!

8th March 2016

The second webinar will have the same focus as the first webinar, as many people were interested in this topic: cloudSME webinar will introduce you to easy deployment, management and scalability of applications on a...

cloudSME webinars for software vendors

29th February 2016

cloudSME will organise a row of free webinars for software vendors during the following months. The first webinar on 4 March 2016 is already booked up and the second webinar on 18 March at 2:00pm...